The Best Gift Ever

The best gift I’ve ever given to someone was a marshmallow bow and arrow. The person I gave this gift to was my little brother Ayden. As soon as he opened it his eyes practically popped out of his head and he screamed his thank you’s. I have to admit, I felt like the proudest sister of all time. This is why I think this was the best gift I ever gave.


Sensory Paper

This about the day I slept next to my little cousin and it turned out he had strep.

Me, my mom, and my sister were on our way to my aunt’s house, so me and my sister could spend the night with my 6 year old cousin.  It was raining very hard and the road started flooding big time. I looked out the window and looked down, I saw water halfway up the tires. I felt a lump coming up in my throat along with panic, my eyes widened when I spotted a car in a few lanes over stuck in the water up to it’s doors. As soon as I saw that I turned and looked at the windshield where I couldn’t see the road and waited for my mom to say something. Suddenly my mom spoke up and asked if we wanted to get something to eat we said yes then went to wendy’s. When we got our food the fries were a little too salty so it kinda burned my tongue. As we neared my aunt’s house the storm let up a little. We pulled up into the driveway and I raced in, as I came into the house I smelled some kind of soup, plus their house always smelled like baby powder. My cousin came running at me and I scooped him up in a bear hug then I put him in a choke hold and gave him a nuggie. My sister came in with her bags followed by my mom. I went back outside to get mine then put them behind their couch. I heard a soft meow from my uncle’s chair and I looked and saw he had a kitten in his lap!! “Oh my gosh she’s sooo cute what’s her name” I gushed. “His name is Milo.” he told me. “Oh that’s a really good name for him but where is Otis?” I teased him, and he chuckled a little. My uncle informed my mom that the weather was soon to get bad so she might want to leave, we all said our goodbye’s and she left. My aunt told us to get ready for bed then go to our sleeping places], we did. As soon as my aunt left the room my little cousin started to have a restless sleep, so I stroked the back of his hair and he calmed down. Just then my aunt came and felt Keegan’s arms and legs and asked him if he wanted to get out of his pj’s and he said yes. After he took off his pajamas he got back into bed beside me and fell asleep while I was stroking his hair. I was getting super drowsy so I started patting his back and it was like it was on fire. I fell into a worried filled sleep until the morning. I was woken up by the morning light then went out into the living room. After a few minutes of eating and he hadn’t eaten anything my aunt offered him applesauce and he accepted. On his second swallow he said it burned his throat which troubled my aunt so she took us to the doctor and it turns out that he had strep throat. That is how I ended up sleeping next to my 6 year old cousin Keegan when he had strep.


civil war amazing fact

Before William Tecumseh Sherman became a great union General, he was demoted for insanity. In October 1861, the general of union forces told US Secretary of war Simon cameron that he needed 60,000 men to defend William’s territory, 200,000 men to go on the offensive. Simon called the general request “insane” and removed him from command. In a devastating letter to his brother he wrote, and I quote, “I should think I should have committed suicide were it not for my children. I don’t think I can be trusted with that command again.”  But he was reassigned in 1862 under Ulysses s grant. Who didn’t see insanity but competence in the general. Later, a civilian bad mouthed grant, and Sherman defended his friend by saying,”general Grant is a great general he stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk, and now sir we stand by each other always.”


5th grade has been a real challenge, but I had great teachers right by my side. So far I have done an american revolutionary war project at the beginning of the year. Two P. B.L’s, and three star tests.The most exciting thing I’ve ever done is, when Mr.Mac cleaned out his room, and started teaching us about the decades.I don’t know what I’ll miss most, the easy homework, or my teachers. They’ve all been so good to me, and you 4th graders if you are reading this you be good to them you hear me, if you don’t I might have to whoopya, and I mean it!I am going to miss 5th grade, but I am starting a new chapter, and you are but of the past. So long 5th grade, I will miss you . These are my 5th grade reflections, bye.

so long 5th grade

The most important thing I learned was finance.

My favorite project was when we had to make a “candy store” for PBL.

I was most surprised when Mr.Mac said he was going to clear his room and teach us about the 1900’s!

The thing I most disliked was the american revolution project, don’t get me wrong it was very educational, but hard, and long lasting.

I’m really going to miss 5th grade, and the intermediate school.

So long 5th grade. 🙁