Let’s Talk

Believe you deserve it

then the Universe will serve it.

     This. I saw this today and it got me thinking. The universe is weird. We ask, it doesn’t give, we ask for it to not give, and all the crap in the world rains down on us. I don’t think anyone can help but wonder, whenever they are invested in something and it just goes so wrong. Everyone I think has that little inkling, “Do I really want this? If I do how bad? Is it really worth it?”

Of course, it is. I don’t care what you’re doing or how bad the doubt is. If there is something you are trying to do, that you want to do with your life. Do it. No butts about it.

In my opinion. Everyone has a thing. A thing they strive for, a thing they feel needs to happen in there lives. Yes, it is always good to be prepared and have a backup plan if you feel it’s too risky. Heck, I want to be an artist/?animator? when I get out of school.

To me. It is risky. So I have several backup plans and will probably go through 16 years of school for all this crap I have. I have all the way to plan E for goodness sakes. The point is though, this quote points out that, even the strongest believer can have the biggest doubts. You gotta make sure nothing gets in your way. Stand for what you believe in and make your mark on the world.

If not everyone else. Make a mark on Your world. And don’t stop till ya drop. Or ya make it. XD

Okay, everyone. Take care. Byeeeeeee! ~Brianna

Quote of the Day

I asked her if she was okay                                                                                                  and she said: “I’m fine.”                                                                                                        But when I looked into her eyes                                                                                        I clearly saw her struggles there

She quickly looked away                                                                                                      And she tried her best to smile                                                                                      She said softly, “I’ll make it through this,                                                                      It’s just taking me a while.”

I knew she was hurting                                                                                                        And I knew her pain was deep.                                                                                          But she felt the burden was hers                                                                                      And hers alone to keep.

I reached out to her                                                                                                              And our hands intertwined                                                                                                 I said “I love you, my friend.                                                                                                 So your burdens are also Mine.”

~The Shy Poet