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Places Around Mexico

In this project, we did a small population study of the different states of Mexico. Also with finding populations of cities and certain states, we labeled a map of which states we found the populations to. As a second part of the project, we researched 10 places or things to see in Mexico. Two of these places specifically found in Nayarit.

This project was connected to our class by the reading of “Pobre Ana”, A story about a girl who is visiting Mexico to see her family. She gets on a plane and flies to Guadalajara, then takes a joint flight to Nayarit. There she goes to Tepic where her family lives.

From the map portion of our project, I learned how diverse the different populations of Mexico are and that there are states in Mexico. Which might sound a little strange, but was a sort of surprising discovery for me.

From the slideshow portion of my project, I learned many different things and sites Mexico had to offer. I hadn’t known of any of the things I found previously and I was pleasantly surprised with the knowledge I gained.

From the places that I researched, two have really caught my eye. The Mayan Ruins in Chichen Itza and Playa Punta de Mita. Playa Punta de Mita is a beach underground in a way. You go through a giant hole and inside there is a beautiful beach underneath where you can relax with friends and family. The reason it caught my eyes was because of the structure and scenery of the location.

Chichen Itza was the second one. This place grabbed my attention because it is one of the Mayan ruins. I am a history nut and the Mayans are some of my favorite people and cultures to learn about. So of course, I would love to visit there.

Let’s Talk

Believe you deserve it

then the Universe will serve it.

     This. I saw this today and it got me thinking. The universe is weird. We ask, it doesn’t give, we ask for it to not give, and all the crap in the world rains down on us. I don’t think anyone can help but wonder, whenever they are invested in something and it just goes so wrong. Everyone I think has that little inkling, “Do I really want this? If I do how bad? Is it really worth it?”

Of course, it is. I don’t care what you’re doing or how bad the doubt is. If there is something you are trying to do, that you want to do with your life. Do it. No butts about it.

In my opinion. Everyone has a thing. A thing they strive for, a thing they feel needs to happen in there lives. Yes, it is always good to be prepared and have a backup plan if you feel it’s too risky. Heck, I want to be an artist/?animator? when I get out of school.

To me. It is risky. So I have several backup plans and will probably go through 16 years of school for all this crap I have. I have all the way to plan E for goodness sakes. The point is though, this quote points out that, even the strongest believer can have the biggest doubts. You gotta make sure nothing gets in your way. Stand for what you believe in and make your mark on the world.

If not everyone else. Make a mark on Your world. And don’t stop till ya drop. Or ya make it. XD

Okay, everyone. Take care. Byeeeeeee! ~Brianna